Workers Comp Fraud

Wilson Investigations has worked on numerous case files involving workers comp fraud.  Wilson Investigations has traveled throughout the United States and to foreign countries to prove or disprove persons claiming workers comp injury or inability to work.

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Verifying Subject’s Location

Investigators at Wilson Investigations use both modern and gumshoe techniques to locate the subject upon which time:

  • Employ discreet surveillance
  • Utilizes ultra-modern video equipment
  • Employs time-proven techniques to get the subject to work or play
  • Locate other witnesses
  • Obtain notarized affidavits

Workers Comp Fraud hurts everybody by driving up prices on goods and services whose costs must be passed on to all Americans.  Wilson Investigations can help insurance companies, attorneys, private businesses and others to neutralize false claims.

Discretion is the Key

Too often persons involved in workers comp fraud are on the alert for outsider’s attempts to catch them performing physically against the abilities of their injuries.  Therefore, Wilson Investigations uses the utmost discretion to not alert the subject and embarrass our Client.

When authorized by our Client to do so, Wilson Investigations can perform interviews of known witnesses and canvass for additional witnesses to assist in a workers comp fraud investigation.

Trust Wilson Investigations to recover the information you need and to do so professionally and in a timely manner.

Find the Answers You Need

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