Witness Locates

Call Wilson Investigations for an immediate consultation to locate a witness right away.  When required we can usually find your witness in a few short hours; not days or weeks later. The experienced and trained investigators at Wilson Investigations have the means and knowledge necessary to find your witness right now.  Our Houston private investigators are not limited to the state of Texas but can find your witness anywhere in the United States.

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When Speed is Required

Private Investigators at Wilson Investigations are staffed to find your witness right away

  • Even when the witness changes their name
  • Moves to an entirely different part of America
  • Stays with friends to avoid utility name connections
  • Witness marries and changes their last name
  • Work for company that requires them to move frequently
  • Skip tracing is an art and a science

The systems and procedures used by our trained private investigators (who were once in law enforcement) have decades of experience on finding people. Call Wilson Investigations now and allow our investigators to find your witness today.

Your needs become our goal

Our Houston based investigative staff understands the necessity to locate witnesses fast.  If necessary our office will travel to the new location and serve the subpoena ourselves.   A few of the methods we use are:

  • Computer banks not available to the public
  • Police department contacts
  • City, state, and county points of contact
  • Financial paper trails
  • Hobby and sports connections
  • Real property and personal records
  • One-on-one interviews of key personnel


Find Your Witness Today!

Anywhere in the World – We provide complete and thorough investigations.  Call us at 773-242- 9628 in Houston, or contact us online.

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