Teen Runaway and Missing Person Locates

Has a loved one or your teenager disappeared and you cannot get the police to help you?  Have you been denied assistance from all government agencies and still cannot find your child or missing loved one? Our experienced private investigators in Houston, TX will exercise time-proven methods of locating missing persons and finding teenagers who have decided to run away.

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What you need to Furnish

The private investigators at Wilson Investigations will require the following and more to help find your missing person or teenager who has voluntarily left:

  • All biographical identifiers with full name, date of birth, and SSN
  • Most recent photographs
  • List of all relatives and their addresses
  • List of all friends and their addresses
  • Name and address of last known person to have seen the missing person
  • All known hobbies and events the missing person has been involved with
  • History of all known Internet use

Our private investigators at Wilson Investigations realizes there will be times when the missing person is hiding by intent and will cajole friends and relatives to help him or her stay away.  Experience with the art of one-on-one interviews can uncover facts you cannot do so on your own.

Thinking Outside of the Box

Don’t be fooled by repeated pretenders who claim they can help you simply with the telephone or the Internet.  Wilson Investigations will perform the following and more:

  • Painstakingly interview all associated parties who may have information
  • Canvass all areas of people that may hold information and not know it
  • Cajole law enforcement for assistance
  • Seek out and interview all previous known locations of the missing person
  • Perform background checks on suspected parties to force their assistance
  • GPS location devices
  • Financial record locations

Find the Answers You Need

Anywhere in the World – Our private investigators can assist in locating your teen runaway or missing person. Call now 773-242- 9628 in Houston, or contact us online.