Professional Security Audits

The experienced and trained investigators at Wilson Investigations have assisted numerous homes and businesses for a security audit.  Unfortunately, the majorities of our Clients do not call or request a professional security audit until they have become a victim of burglary and theft or vandalism.  After suffering a loss of some nature do they feel the investment for having a thorough audit conducted is worth the cost!

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What will an Audit do?

Investigators at Wilson Investigations have the experience and the expertise to:

  • See your business as a potential thief would
  • Visually inspect the outer boundary of your property to look for “weaknesses’:
  • Observe the physical buildings and recommend changes to “harden” your site
  • Provide recommendations to increase security
  • Tutorage on pros and cons of video surveillance
  • Examine most likely entry points during day or night
  • Customize a program specifically for your requirements

At times a business partner or spouse may not be in favor of having an audit performed but your personal opinion one is mandated.  Wilson Investigations can provide you with a professional audit discreetly and with the strictest of confidence.  Wilson Investigations will assist you in the prevention of assault, robbery, theft, vandalism and other crimes and send criminals away from your home or business.  Call 773-242- 9628 right away and stop potential crime today.

Already a victim?

If your business has already been burglarized Wilson Investigations can assist you in securing your property site within hours after contacting our office to prevent further destruction or thievery while awaiting repairmen to arrive.  In addition, with your authorization we can interview employees or family members in such a manner as to jog their memory on potential persons of interest that may have been involved.

Wilson Investigations can also perform an analysis to provide leads on where the missing property may have been sold and provide expert direction on recovery.

If you or a victim of assault Wilson Investigations will provide immediate assistance in guiding you professionally on preventing future assaults and may even provide a remedy on identifying the assailant involved with your case.

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