Patent Infringement Investigations

Have you recently discovered your idea or invention is being used by others or even a major corporation?  Do you lack the evidence needed to establish your claim to your own invention?  If you require professional assistance call Wilson Investigations and initiate the process immediately to verify your fiduciary rights.

Our experienced private investigators in Houston, TX are adept with the procedures required to verify your legal rights and can assist you in the appropriate manner that can be proven in a Court of Law.

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Procedural Steps

Investigators at Wilson Investigations have been successful in previous patent infringement litigation and will gather the following:

  • Affidavits from all parties pertinent to your claim.
  • Perform exhaustive research on the party or parties involved in stealing your claim.
  • Establish a chronological time line from inception to marketing.
  • Provide recommendations on the best attorneys to help your position.
  • Follow court room procedure to establish court room admissibility.
  • Interview all parties that can reinforce your claim.

Our Houston private investigators understand there will be times when timing is of the utmost essence.  With this in mind our private investigators are prepared to act immediately to help you prove your claims.  Trust the professionals who have all the resources and experience necessary to complete time proven patent infringement investigations.

Only Factual Evidence Can Help You

You can be confident all of the information submitted in our detailed reports will be factual and upon request can have certified addendums attached.  Wilson Investigations utilizes:

  • Notarized affidavits from those pertinent to your claim.
  • Can learn of previous thefts by the same parties involved.
  • Will place those deemed necessary under surveillance.
  • Perform background checks on all parties directly and indirectly involved.
  • Can recommend experienced attorneys who will use Court ordered subpoenas.
  • Obtain “other” material and records to reinforce your claim.
  • Research archived newspaper articles.

Find the Answers You Need

Anywhere in the World – Our private investigators can assist in your patent infringement investigations.    Call now 773-242-9628 in Houston, or contact us online.