Loss Prevention Specialist

Our Houston private investigators at Wilson Investigations can assist your company or store in the sensitive arena of loss prevention.  Our highly trained and experienced staff has successfully assisted many companies, retail outlets, and stores in the foundation for thorough loss prevention.

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Operational Procedures and Policy Manual

Private Investigators at Wilson Investigations have successfully taken care of:

  • Set up of professional policy manuals involving loss prevention
  • Train retail and corporate personnel in proper loss prevention
  • Pinpoint problem areas for loss of property, equipment and retail goods
  • Suggest proper camera installment angles
  • Harden security measures to prevent losses in boundary enforcement
  • Harden security measures to prevent interior building losses

The systems and procedures used and trained by our skilled investigators at Wilson Investigations have been tested and proven in the field by dozens of organizations.  Our staff is ready to assist your retail store or manufacturing facility to stop or lessen your losses by theft and nature.

Stop your Losses

Don’t let your facility or retail store continue expensing losses due to poor training or being a novice in up-to-date security measures.  For example:

  • Shoplifting
  • Blind areas your employees are unable to detect inside the store
  • Blind areas outside your facility
  • Valuable property taken out with the “trash”
  • Inadequate boundary enforcement
  • Poor or no camera/video detection equipment
  • Fire prevention

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