Wilson Investigations can assist you with selecting the right jury for your upcoming trial.

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Wilson Investigations has been instrumental in helping law firms handling both civil and criminal matters in the selection of their jurors. Our highly trained and experienced staff has utilized time proven methods in the art of jury selection.

Importance of Speed and Accuracy

Private Investigators at Wilson Investigations have assisted in juror selection by:

• Background checks
• County by county searches for civil and criminal involvement • Newspaper archival research
• Demographic implication
• Physical appearance profiling
• Other methods proven in past trials

The actual methods used are proprietary and are discussed only with firms that are our Clients and therefore entrusted with proven avenues in the fine art of jury selection. Call now and make an appointment on how Wilson Investigations can help your next case or trial.

Always Confidential

You can be confident that your case will be performed discreetly and remain absolutely confidential. Your case will be handled in a timely, professional manner regardless of your case or situation. For example:

• Experienced in handling 350 background checks in 48 hours
• Systems in place to insure accuracy and pertinence
• Using profiling to predict potential tendency of certain jurors
• Research methods in place for rapid accumulation of required information • Understanding demographics and their tendencies
• Science of profiling to be used in your favor
• Proven recognition of individuals body language