Infidelity Checks and Investigations 

The experienced private investigators at Wilson Investigations have performed infidelity checks and investigations for many high profile people all over the world.  You can expect a reliable answer to your suspicions reinforced by detailed documentation and upon request video or photographic footage of the information you desire.

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Surveillance Using Technology to Gather Information

Our private investigators in Houston, TX use modern state-of-the-art equipment to record information:

  • Mobile Technology
  • Stationary Technology
  • Photography
  • Videotaping
  • GSPS Tracking Devices
  • Covert Recording Devices

Innovative Thinking

Our private investigators are taught to “think outside the box”.  Sometimes a cheating spouse is very careful in covering his or her tracks by opening an email account unknown to the spouse, buying a pre-paid cell phone, or even going as far as opening an undisclosed checking account.  Our private investigators believe surveillance is always a good way to catch the cheating spouse in the act but sometimes it’s just not possible.  When infidelity surveillance is unsuccessful or not possible our investigators can obtain information your spouse is hiding and confirm your suspicions.

Always Confidential

You can be confident our private investigators in Houston, TX will perform your investigation discreetly and remain absolutely confidential. Your case will be handled in a timely, professional manner regardless of your case or situation.  For example:

  • Finding a significant other’s whereabouts.
  • Finding who your significant other is with
  • Find out if he or she has ever cheated on you or with others
  • Is your spouse telling you the truth, we can verify it
  • Find out if your spouse would cheat on you

Find the Answers You Need

Anywhere in the World- we can find your subject and obtain the information you need.

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