Environmental Investigations

Wilson Investigations understands the corporate super powers sometimes act with impunity with little regard to how their immediate environment is impacted. If you feel the air, water, or land is compromised and need a scientific study performed allow our trained staff to help you.

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Accuracy and Thoroughness is required to take action:

The qualified staff of Wilson Investigations is ready to travel where required to learn the hidden truth on your environment.  Before hiring an expensive legal team; obtain the facts regarding

  • Compromised water wells or reservoirs
  • Illegal discharge of air pollutants
  • Dumping of raw fluids into land fills
  • Improper handling of animal waste
  • Unlawful use of public  sewage infrastructure
  • Secret dumping of toxic wastes

Scientific equipment and personnel administered by our private investigators will lay a foundation of factual evidence to counter the misdeeds of unscrupulous companies.  Wilson Investigations has the courage to see your case all the way through.

Only the Facts

You can be confident that your case will be performed with the utmost discretion and label the facts that can be entered into a Court of Law.  For example:

  • Air quality scientifically tested, labeled, and packaged for future evidence
  • Water samples tested by two or more sources to guarantee accuracy
  • Spectrographs used to analyze land and soil samples
  • Wildlife found terminated to be tested properly
  • Plants and trees analyzed by botanists and their findings reported
  • Enlist the aid of the pertinent government agencies for additional support
  • Insure the rules of evidence are adhered to for proper testimony


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