Due Diligence

Are you about to invest tens of thousands, perhaps even millions of dollars into an investment offering high returns?  Has the party offering the “next big thing” just recently been introduced to you and remarked how safe your investment is?  Before passing over your hard earned money call Wilson Investigations and have our trained investigators perform a due diligence background investigation.

Our experienced private investigators in Houston, TX have successfully exposed many financial get-rich-quick schemes as just that: “schemes!”

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Preliminary Precaution

Financial private investigators at Wilson Investigations have proven time and again the nefarious methods used by modern day grifters by:

  • Performing background checks to expose their criminal history past
  • Researching district courts locally and internationally to expose them as defendants in civil court actions
  • Projecting sound business plans in contrast to their “wishful thinking”
  • Establishing their assets as imaginary smoke screens
  • Obtaining financial records to indicate their claims as outright lies
  • Interviewing knowing parties illustrating their unworthiness in professional fields

Our Houston private investigators know the value of good stories and the charm of articulate speakers and will perform their due diligence without emotion and without the attraction of receiving huge interest returns on the too-good-to-be-true venture.

Only the Facts—Not the Dream

You can be confident all of the information submitted in our detailed reports will be factual and upon request can have certified addendums attached.  Wilson Investigations utilizes:

  • Notarized affidavits from those relevant to the industry involved
  • Financial statements with authentic numbers
  • District Clerk case numbers and their corresponding documentation
  • Past periodical and newspaper articles directly involving the person making the offer
  • Background on offerer’s past businesses and corporations
  • Background investigation on offerer’s past business partners
  • Researching all tangents of the investment itself

Find the Answers You Need

Anywhere in the World – Our private investigators have years of experience in performing due diligence for large and small corporations.  Please call now 773-242-9628 in Houston, or contact us online for a free consultation.