Criminal Investigations

The investigators at Wilson Investigations are all former law enforcement officers or detectives and have extensive knowledge on criminal investigation.  Wilson Investigations is proud to have successfully been retained by private parties and had their investigations submitted to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

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A Crime Is a Crime

Wilson Investigations understands the law enforcement community cannot be everywhere twenty four hours a day and there are circumstances there are not enough facts to authorize an official investigation.  In addition, a business cannot expose itself to a civil lawsuit if their suspicions are wrong and a private person does not have the expertise to uncover criminal activity.  Suspicions may include:

  • Embezzlement
  • Computer Fraud
  • Internal Theft
  • Selling Proprietary Information
  • Environmental Abuse
  • Other Crimes

Wilson Investigations can discover quickly and professionally if your suspicions are justified and assist you with the facts required to obtain the assistance of official law enforcement scrutiny or charges filed by the local District Attorney.

Experience is the Key

You can be confident that your suspicions can be placed to rest or verified by proven methods mandated by Law.  Wilson Investigations will:

  • Recover the appropriate evidence.
  • Obtain notarized affidavits when required.
  • Follow legislated procedures for the admission of evidence.
  • Have all evidence verified by certified technicians before proclaiming it as fact.
  • Can recruit court certified experts as needed.
  • Place all of their findings in a detailed report that can be used in a Court of Law.

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