Covert Undercover Operations

Our experienced and trained investigators employed with Wilson Investigations have worked on several successful undercover investigations to uncover product tampering, insider vandalism and employee theft. Wilson Investigations has been involved in covert operations that continued for several months at a time until the culprits were eventually apprehended.

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Why Covert Operations

With today’s laws protecting the rights of individuals and especially employees an owner or manager must have actual proof before accusing someone of a crime simply based on suspicion.  There are times when products being manufactured or foods being processed are damaged intentionally to “get back” at the company for perceived ill actions, passed over promotions, or increases in pay.  Our undercover operatives are:

  • Discreet
  • Blend in quickly to gain trust
  • Assisted by secretive cameras and recording devices
  • Work at or above average ability with fellow company employees
  • Reports events on a daily basis to our office
  • Experienced in establishing friendships with all cultures and ethnic backgrounds
  • When necessary can testify in a court of law

Wilson Investigations has been entrusted in performing undercover operations and additionally reports to our Client other unsafe or improved methods of production to help our Client increase his profit margin.  This is an additional benefit at no additional cost to you.

Always Confidential

You can be confident to know in advance your business is protected from unwarranted scrutiny from the media and press that would lessen the reputation and integrity of your business.  Call now to prevent:

  • Sabotage
  • Theft
  • Product tampering
  • Food poisoning
  • Extortion
  • Sale of company patents and secrets

Find the Answers You Need

Wilson Investigations  can find the information you need to stop losses and civil litigations in advance.  Call today 773-242-9628 for a free consultation in Houston, or contact us online.