Cheating Spouse and Infidelity Investigations

Has your spouse begun to act differently?  Is he or she walking into the other room to make or accept phone calls?  Working more overtime lately? Wilson Investigations can place your spouse under surreptitious surveillance and discover if your suspicions are correct and if so, return with video and/or photographs as clear evidence.

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Stop the Worry!

Our private investigators in Houston, TX use the utmost discretion to insure your spouse does not realize he or she is under surveillance or investigation.  In addition:

  • Use state-of-the-art video equipment.
  • Can call in two or three surveillance units immediately.
  • Will report back all observed license plate numbers in contact with the spouse.
  • Can perform immediate identifying background checks on these license plates.
  • When required can obtain personal information regarding the contacted person.
  • Can establish if this person has a criminal history.
  • Can determine if this person is married or undergoing a divorce.

Our Houston private investigators understand the absolute importance of discretion and will not jeopardize your marriage by allowing the spouse under investigation to learn they are being investigated.

Insist on Factual Information

You can be confident all of the information submitted in our detailed reports will be factual and will deliver:

  • All appropriate videos taken during surveillance.
  • All related photographs.
  • Detailed reports with day and time established on observations.
  • Reveal all discoverable criteria of contacted persons.
  • Perform district court searches on persons contacted.
  • Furnish pertinent information of special requests.

Find the Answers You Need

Anywhere in the World – We handle infidelity cases all over the world and can obtain the evidence and documentation to prove he or she is cheating.   Call now 773-242-9628 in Houston, or contact us online.