There may be occasions when your cause or business will need to canvass a neighborhood or a business district to discover information pertinent to your activity.    Professional canvassing requires experienced interviewers who know how to obtain information in a non-invasive manner to get you the facts you require.  Wilson Investigations can obtain not only the facts but the implied facts of those involved to help your cause.

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Information You Need

Our experienced Houston private investigators at Wilson Investigations can travel nationally or internationally to gather the information you need and do so in a timely manner.

Trained investigators at Wilson Investigations use the utmost discretion to protect our Client and have the expertise to question people with a friendly attitude.  Techniques may include:

  • Wearing a coat and tie with a clip board and a smile
  • Using a hidden microphone so as not to alarm the person being interviewed
  • Will prepare a non-obtrusive questionnaire in advance to obtain true results
  • Pose as a person who has lost their way to disarm the interviewee
  • Represent themselves as a married couple when occasion arises
  • Can pose as something other than an investigator to get true responses
  • Follow-up to insure similar response from the first interview

Our private investigators in Houston, TX are prepared to assist you with the information you need and conclude with a professional detailed report in a timely manner.

Added Information to the Canvassed Area

You can be confident all of the information submitted in our detailed reports will be factual and upon request can and will add the following:

  • Real property records
  • Brief or extensive background checks on those interviewed
  • Address and phone numbers of those interviewed
  • Summation of information learned with commentary on their response being factual
  • Observations of surrounding environment during the interview
  • Suggestions on what other steps can be taken to assist your cause
  • Reporting back all observed license plates with added research taken during the time of the interview

Find the Answers You Need

Anywhere in the World – Our experienced private investigators will canvass a particular area to obtain intelligence. Call now 773-242-9628 in Houston, or contact us online.