Asset Recovery

Real property, personal property, if it’s legally yours we will recover the property for you. Our Houston based investigators at Wilson Investigations are experienced in the recovery of property that lawfully belongs to you.  Our renowned private investigators have even traveled to foreign countries to retrieve property that is rightfully yours.

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Action through Knowledge

Private Investigators at Wilson Investigations are skilled in finding your property

  • From past business partners or associates
  • From ex-spouses or ex-romantic partners
  • From ex-employees
  • From former house staff members
  • From bad neighbors
  • From former renters

The systems and procedures utilized by our trained private investigators are the envy of other offices who attempt to emulate the methods and successes enjoyed at Wilson Investigations.  Our investigators will find what legally belongs to you and return it.

By Whatever Legal Means Necessary

Misplaced or taken property by others has a way of disappearing fast. Speed is essential for successful recovery before the property is sold to unknown parties.  For example:

  • Vehicles sold as scrap and melted down
  • Boats being registered in foreign countries with no link back to the United States
  • Jewelry sold on EBay, Craigslist, classified ads or on the street corner
  • Valuable property taken to pawn shops
  • Art treasures sold overseas
  • Rare antiques or collections sold at auction houses
  • Precious pets re-registered and sold to private parties


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